The model was tall and muscular, broad-shouldered.  Her hair rose from her head, then tumbled over her shoulders in lively dreadlocks.  She wore colorful clothing:  a form fitting hot pink yoga top and purple leggings.  She posed sitting in a yoga position, holding her bended knees tightly together up front while sitting on her lower legs as they jutted out back.  Her back was straight, her chin was high and proud.

There was something in her attitude, in the way she was positioned and the way her hair was flowing.  She was transformed.  I knew that I was looking at the mythical mermaid and that I needed to capture the moment on paper.  I tried to get it all down:  the beautiful fish tail, the upper body that is strong enough to swim the seas and sensual enough to lead many a sailor to his doom, the hair that mimics the play of the seaweed and the undaunted chin of a legend.

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Mermaid by Carol McGraw

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