Phoenix Rising

 Creating art is, and always has been, the best way I have to express myself. 

My subject matter is influenced by my reactions to my surroundings, my emotions, my instincts, and my personal narratives.  On any given day, I may paint my view of garden flowers in a vase on the table or a scene that has been swirling around in my head for a week.  Or I may just stand in front of a blank page with nothing particular in mind and lay down colors and marks until they start to take form.

 I work in a variety of media, sometimes combining several.  I use the materials for a piece that I feel will bring it to life.  Energy is an important aspect to my work:  the liveliness of the effort, the physicality.  Even if the piece depicts a quiet subject matter, it must have a life force.  I love brushstrokes, scribbles, the directionality and texture that they create.  I love to add emphasis with outlines and linear elements. 

Color is the key element in the majority of my work.  My favorite medium is acrylic paint.  I have a large covered palette that keeps the acrylic fresh.  I continue to add glob upon glob of paint to it.  It is a 16″x12″ tray of luscious color!  People often comment on it.  It’s a treat to have all that juicy pigment to play with. 

Through my art, I share my history, experiences, hopes, and dreams with you, the Viewer.  You will find a part of yourself within the brushstrokes and colors, too. 


Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.  –  Carol


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