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Prickly Pear

 Annual Art Show Wrap-Up

There was definitely the feel of Fall in the air on Sunday, October 15th, when Lisa Field and I held our Annual Art Show at Lisa’s studio.  We appreciate everyone who stopped by. 

For some, it was a great time for a quick catch-up and an introduction to our newer work.  For others, it was a first-time look at our artwork in general.  We enjoyed spending time with everyone.  We can’t wait to see how the pieces that were purchased will look in their new homes!




Quiet Neighborhood


Take A Look At New “Works”

Please take a minute to look at my “Works” page and the different categories of artwork.  Even if you’ve been there before, some changes have been made due to sales from the show.  More importantly, new pieces are being added. 

Remember that the holidays are coming soon.  You may want to purchase a piece of art for a family member or friend.  You may want to let someone know which piece you would like as a holiday gift.



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